Old Hutch to Stunning Storage Cabinet

Published March 17, 2020

Megan from Lubbly Jubbly Furniture used one of our new Lustrum Collection colors, Fireworks to transform the top half of an old china cabinet into this rustic storage cabinet!


Hello everyone! Let’s get started with this cabinet transformation. First of all you do not need to have a cabinet that looks like this one, you could have a hutch top that is any style, but it does need to be flat on the bottom. It cant work if it’s a top of a hutch that doesn’t have the flat bottom and only has the wood arms at the sides.Second thing you need to do is take out all the glass panels so you aren’t painting on the glass. This is how it looked when I had painted it years ago… So the picture below is when I first started painting it green, it was originally brown wood and then years ago I painted it white and sealed it with wax. It has been in my living room for a long time and I decided to switch it up.

Now I wanted to have it higher so it needed legs of course so that it could be a functional cabinet (as well as cute looking. It’s gotta be cute right?). Once you take the glass panels out you are going to prime your piece if it’s raw wood. This white paint was my base coat. Once you’ve done your prep work (which you can learn more about here), paint the entire piece in your choice of colour. I used Country Chic Paint in the color, Fireworks and a touch of Sparklers. You’re probably going to do about 3 coats of the green, which is what I did.


Remove your inside light and make sure you have the back off so you can paint behind and in front of the cabinet to reach all areas. You will then make your back by using wood boards. You can use any wood from Lowes and they have wood that is already stained. if you have an open top like mine did and you don’t like it then you can also cut boards to fit the top.

Once you’ve put the back on and created the top you can start to make the legs. Here is where my Husband helped me and he made the legs for me. Depending on what tools you have you can router the wood to create round legs or different shapes and sizes. If you don’t want to make them, Lowes sells table legs, but I found them a bit pricey and that is why we chose to make them. The legs we decided on are more square with a rim. Attach your legs and paint them.

cabinet leg

Once you’ve done this your cabinet is ready to seal. I sprayed my topcoat on using my Homeright super max sprayer, but you can brush it on with a clean brush if you don’t have a sprayer. You let your topcoat settle and then place all the glass panels back in. Your cabinet is ready to rock and roll!!!!


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