Blush Pink French Provincial Dresser

Published March 17, 2020

This French Provincial dresser was just begging for a pretty, feminine makeover. Cait from Little City Farmhouse gave it just the look it needed with the soft blush pink color called Ooh La La!


Another French Provincial dresser came through my little shop and I was thrilled! This is a smaller size dresser, which isn’t too common for French Provincial pieces in my area, so I snagged it as part of a bedroom suite recently.

I knew I wanted to use one of the new Lustrum Collection colours on this piece.  I haven’t done a pink piece in a while, and after seeing a few pieces done in this colour from other refinishers, I chose Ooh La La. It’s a light pink with a bit of a peachy undertone, and it’s so pretty!!

This piece started out like this:


I cleaned, scraped off all the stickers, and lightly sanded it.  This piece had a laminate veneer on it, so I use Country Chic Paint’s Primer to ensure the paint had excellent adhesion to the surface.  Laminate veneers tend to be quite slick, so the combination of lightly sanding and using the Primer is a great step to make sure you have great adhesion.

I gave it two coats of Ooh La La!


To topcoat it, I gave it two coats of Tough Coat.  I love the sheen that results from this top coat, and it dries rock hard!

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